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Are you new to indoor tanning, or maybe you just can't quite accomplish that deep, dark tan that you want so badly. Whatever the case might be there are a few main indoor tanning tips that you must follow if you want to achieve a healthy dark tanning glow in a tanning bed. One of the most important factors in a great looking tan is tanning lotion! Some people say that you don't need to spend all kinds of money on indoor tanning lotion. That statement is only half true. It is extremely important the type of tanning lotion you choose to use when you tan indoors in a tanning bed. In order to choose the right tanning lotion for you and your skin type you first have to know a thing or two about indoor tanning lotions. This website,, has an excellent blog post about the different kinds of tanning lotions and what each one does. If you are fair skinned and burn easily the type of lotion you use is even more important, that link explains even more for people with very light skin tones.

So the first ingredient in a gorgeous tan is tanning lotion. The second most important thing could quite possibly be exfoliation. Exfoliating is important because when you tan your skin, the top layer is what get's tan, and you want to get as many layers of dry skin off before you go into a tanning bed. That way when you tan that outer layer, it won't be likely to fall off for a bit longer as opposed to a layer of skin that is flaking and almost ready to go. See what I'm saying there? So my advice is to take a shower before you go to a tanning salon, and while in the shower use a loofah or another equally good product that is known specifically for it's exfoliation properties to scrub away a lot of that outer, dry skin away.

Okay I lied, this next indoor tanning tip might just be as important as the last one I mentioned. So my next tip is to keep moisturized! When you step out of the shower, after exfoliating very well, I want you to apply a good quality moisturizing lotion as soon after you are out of the shower as possible. It's actually better to apply the lotion when your skin is still a little bit damp.

Finally the last step is to use, not a sunless tanner but more specifically something like Jergens Natural Glow. A moisturizer that has just a touch of a sunless tanner added to it. My absolute favorite is Body Drench Quick Tan Lotion. I buy mine from Amazon and I even have a direct link to this product in the sidebar of this blog. It works wonders in trouble areas that don't tan as well, such as under the neck and shoulders and under your arms and arm pits. It also tops off your perfect tan with a beautiful brown glow!

So that's all for this blog post. Those are my main, most important indoor tanning tips that must be followed religously if you want to have a good, dark tan. Good Luck with everything and please feel free to leave me a comment about your experiences or about my blog.


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  1. This post had some good info. Regarding pre-tanning activities and tinglers... Tanning salons (and other salon businesses) are starting to use infrared devices now that are supposed to benefit your skin in different ways (incl. tan prep). Has anyone reading this used a device called Rejuvalight? It's infrared, not UV, and you use it while exercising so I guess according to this post it's a pre-tan double whammy with exercise and heat (though it doesn't burn like a tingler). They list their benefits on their site:

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