America's Best Organic Self Tanner Review

So I haven't been blogging on this tanning tips blog much lately but I want to start again! I want to maybe focus on the tanning lotions and sunless tanning lotions that I use and then review them for all of you! I personally really enjoy reading reviews because it helps me greatly in my decision of which product I should buy. I really hope that I'm able to help many of you that come to my site seeking advice, reviews and how-to's all about tanning and tanning lotions.

Today I'm going to write about a sunless tanning lotion that I started using about a month or two ago. From my experience it's the best organic sunless tanning lotion, not only that it might just be one of the best self tanning lotions in general not just from organic items. It's called America's Best Organic Self Tanner and it's made by Thermalabs. The first thing that attracted me to this is the fact that it's organic. More now than ever before I've learned how important it is to use organic as much as you possibly can and beauty products are no different or less important. Your skin is an organ and an entry point for toxins to get into your body. So it's just important to use organic when you can.

I've mentioned in some of my previous posts that I usually prefer a gradual sunless tanning lotion as opposed to one that goes on dark with a bronzer. I'll briefly tell you why. When I do use the self tanners with the immediate bronzer or color guide I, as everyone does, get the bronze color on everything it touches after. It is only for a few hours but still I like being able to apply and not have to worry about what I'm going to be rubbing up against. Now that's not to say I don't use the fast acting self tanning lotions and sprays because I definitely do but I just prefer to use the gradual color lotions more often. Plus they are lotion so they moisturize your skin. I apply a moisturizer daily usually anyway so why not use one that has a gradual tanning effect.

My favorite go to sunless tanning lotion used to be Body Drench Quick Tan sunless tanning lotion for a very long time and I still plan to use it because it's half the price of most of the other lotions like the America's Best Organic lotion however I certainly prefer the America's Best Sunless Lotion and I have been using it way more recently. I found that the reason I like it so much is because some lotions are either greasy feeling for too long or they are so not greasy that seconds after rubbing them in you can barely even tell that you put it on. This moisturizing sunless tanner is the perfect combination of both qualities! Plus it just has the smoothest texture I have ever felt in a gradual tanning lotion. 

I find that I like to apply it to my face over any of the other brands. that might be because it's organic but it's also more than that. Another factor that has made me fall in love with this product is the smell. Now I've had ones that didn't smell bad or like DHA(the product that makes you tan and that smells like self tanner) that much but there is always a little bit of that smell in ALL of the one's I've ever used, until now. This sunless tanning lotion has no smell of that yucky sunless tan scent at all. You might think it's because maybe there isn't much of that ingredient in it but when I read the ingredients list it was very close to the top of the list which means it's a large portion of the lotion, from my understanding anyway. So how it doesnt smell is a mystery to me but I just know I enjoy it! The lotion has a very natural jojoba butter type of smell to it. I like to place a small amount in my hand between my fingers and rub it together using both hands to get it warm and slick feeling. Then I apply it to my face and neck. It's honestly heavenly lol... Can you tell that I am loving this stuff? 

The final comment I want to make is that I am not being endorsed for this review or gaining anything, it is solely my 100% honest opinion and that is always what you'll get when you read anything on my blog. That's my promise to you! 

I hope you enjoyed this post and feel free to leave any comments down below. If you've tried this organic sunless tanning lotion tell us what you thought of it. After all everyone responds to things differently so different viewpoints are always a good thing!