Tanning Lotion Review: California Tan,Australian Gold,Swedish Beauty &Hemp Lotions just to name a few.

Indoor tanning lotion reviews tend to be written by companies who manufacture or sell those same products. That means that they are going to be giving biased reviews. It is hard to find an honest tanning lotion review or products, let alone identify the honest ones.You may see some very catchy names that make you want to grab a bottle and start lathering up but before you get inspired by a clever marketing team, get to know the product inside the fancy bottle.First know your level of endurance. Are you an experienced tanner stuck at in a rut and just can't get that beautiful color you desire or have you yet to experience your first trip to a salon.

The best advice can be to read the label. Many will say right on it that it is intended for experienced tanners and you would certainly know if you are or are not, but for those who are new at this you should know that tanning beds and can be intense and the lotions are made to enhance the experience and get you as dark as possible. Indoor tanning lotions can do a number of different things depending on the ingredients in the bottle. Some indoor tanning lotions only moisturize the skin. Other lotions help to develop the tan you are getting from the tanning bed. Some people are confused about the difference between indoor tanning lotions and self tanners, or "sunless tanning lotions". Sunless tanning lotions were not meant for use in an indoor tanning bed. Do ask the tanning salon attendant about which product to use before getting into a tanning bed.

Some are made with "sizzle" which will cause a reddening of the skin that can last from one to several hours, depending on your skin and experience. Sizzle formulas are not intended for the face. Some are made specifically for the face like California Tan's new CT Seven Face.Some are made just for your legs. Other lotions are made for all over with a cooling agent that may make the experience more comfortable since it does get hot under the lamps.Hopefully you are also following your tanning session with a good moisturizer as well. This will make your tan last longer.

The latest California Tan Seven Bronzer Maximizer Step 2 is said to be the best you can get. Whether you are maintaining a fabulous tan or are getting a great base before the summer, California Tan knows tanning and stays consistently at the top of the market. Designer Skin products are also top notch and I recommend them as well. For the those of you who are new at this, take it slow. Tans look best when achieved, gradually by starting with just a few minutes to prime your skin. Use a quality lotion and be sure to moisturize afterwards. Understand that 5 minutes can make a difference to skin that never experienced the intensity of the tanning bed before.

Make sure that you stay with quality manufacturers (California Tan, Designer Skin, Australian Gold, Swedish Beauty to name a few). Tanning is an investment in yourself. You'll attract attention with your gorgeous tan and if you work in the public eye, it could even help your career. It may take a few extra minutes and even cost a few extra bucks but honestly you're worth it!

If tanning bronzers are applied properly the benefits are endless. If you want to quickly get a dark tan or darken your existing tan then bronzers are great for you. Bronzers will give you a nice natural tan without having to spend as much time in the sun or under those UV lights. This can be very beneficial to the long term health of your skin. As it is known that extensive exposure to UV rays can increase your chances of cancer.

A lot more indoor tanning lotions are using hemp oil as one of their main ingredients.Hemp oil is very important because it is a type of humectants. Humectants are a type of non-oily substance that attracts moisture from the air, and holds in water or moisture. In other words it, when applied to the skin it will draw moisture from the air and hydrate your skin.

Total tanning lotions offer their own accelerators, bronzers, and tingle products for that total tanning package. Total tanning lotion ‘accelerators' moisturize your skin not only to make your tan look natural, and but also to make sure that it stays. Total tanning lotion ‘bronzers,' on the other hand, make your tan ever darker without streaks or discolorations. Total Tan also offers tingle products to give you an instant flushed look and accelerate your tanning process. Just consult with the salon's tanning consultants and you will be walking around with a rich tan in no time.

The Total tanning lotion line comes in three top brands: Australian Gold, Swedish Beauty, and Caribbean Gold. Each brand is popular for different things – you're sure to find one that you love!

Australian Gold - Is probably one of the best-selling indoor tanning lotion brands. Australian Gold blends can give you natural-looking tans that go from light to very dark. Its products are known for making the skin a great ‘canvas' for tanning, after all the healthier the skin the better it tans.

Swedish Beauty - This brand made it to the Total tanning lotions line because of its reputation for promoting cell regeneration while tanning. All Swedish Beauty products contain vitamins A, B, C and E that all help boost collagen and elastins.

Caribbean Gold - These Total tanning lotions are not only affordable – they also contain all the essential botanical elements, antioxidants, vitamins and special bronzer formulas for people who want the darkest tans, and want them fast. They are also very easy to use, making them favorites.

So there you have it, a few of the top name brand indoor tanning lotions. Now I would suggest trying a few sample lotions at your tanning salon before spending money on something you might not even like. Then go online, somewhere like Amazon, they have great prices on many well known products and you know that you aren't going to get ripped off. When buying online always stick with popular stores that you know. If you have any questions at all please ask your tanning salon worker.

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  1. Using tanning lotion is so important when tanning. It not only protects your skin, but it will give you a more evenly toned tan.