Spray Tanning

Sunless spray tanning or airbrush tanning is the newest popular thing in the tanning industry and for good reason. I would say up until about a few years ago I have always had a bad attitude or idea when it came to any type of sunless tanning and I think that's because many years ago I tried a few of the drugstore type tan in a bottle with bad results. When I finally got around to trying out sunless tanners recently I guess I could say I kind of got addicted!

What really started me on the sunless tan was airbrush tanning and the fact that I have light skin with many moles. If you don't know, moles + sun = skin cancer! So in search of something a little less life threatening I went to a local salon to be sprayed by a professional. It came out great and I loved it but it was expensive. So I started to experiment with different tanning supplies. I even bought my own airbrush machine! I probably should have done more research before spending almost $200 though because I don't use it anymore. Mostly because it doesn't cover a large enough area, it clogs and basically gives me different problems all the time.

From all of my trials I have come to conclude that using a mixture of gradual self tanner that is mixed in with a moisturizing lotion and a "tan in a can" so to speak. Like I said I have tried many, many different kinds of the self tanners and my absolute favorite would be the Body Drench Quick Tan Sunless Spray Tan.  I also love, love, love the gradual self tanner by the same company. It is the ONLY one that I know of that actually smells kind of good, it's called Body Drench Quick Tan Tanning Lotion.

I usually use this lotion right after I get out of the shower. I use the dark one by the way, I think they have light, medium and dark. I stopped using the sunless tanning lotion for a few days and I could not believe how white and pale I was. I guess I didn't believe how much the gradual self tanning lotion was actually working! I think most women apply body lotion after their shower anyway so why not make it one that gives you a beautiful tan too. I also use it on my face and have had no bad experiences from it. I like to be a little darker though so after I use the lotion and let it dry a few minutes I then use the sunless spray tanner. In the winter I just put it on my face and chest and sometimes arms but for the most part the lotion gets my arms as dark as I need them. In the summer though, I do use it on my legs and other parts and I do go through a lot of the stuff. If you don't have the money to afford that then just use it less often or only on certain areas. You will have to find what works for you individually.

I plan to write more on this topic in later posts but I'll leave you with this for now. It's the basics anyway. I want to add that I DO NOT work for any tanning companies, I truly just want to provide my knowledge and experience about tanning, tanning lotions and sunless tanners to help others in their quest for a beautiful tan! I do however make a small profit from ads and links that go to Amazon, like the ones for the products I mentioned earlier. I am NOT writing about these particular products just to make money though. These are the ones that I honestly recommend and love! Please leave me feedback, especially if you have tried these brands. I would love to hear your input on the topic and suggestions for others!!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Hi,
    Yes i fully agree with you spray tanning is way better than sunbathing. It is a new technique and can generate good results.

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