Tanning While Breastfeeding

There is no direct evidence that tanning while breastfeeding will cause any harm to baby. However in ideal situations it would be best not to tan. I say this for a few reasons, one is that the lotions you use to tan, especially indoor tanning lotions have many harsh chemicals. Tingle tanning lotions inparticular raise a red flag in my head because of the effects on an adults skin after using a tingler. If you have ever used a tingler in indoor tanning you know what I mean. The second reason is the risk of burning your nipples or breasts and this will make breastfeeding much more painful overall. 
So if you do decide to tan in a tanning bed or in the natural sun please take extra precaution with your lotion you use. Either wash it off thoroughly after tanning or just cover your breasts and use no lotion at all on them. Either way, be safe, ask your doctor if you are still concerned and if all else fails just wait the extra year or two until you are done breastfeeding!
Hope you enjoyed this post and I hope it was informative for you. Here is another great tanning blog that talks about indoor tanning and breast feeding. I would love to hear your comments on the topic of breast feeding and tanning!

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  1. I think should everyone should do this under expert guidance. There are many tanning consultant where one get the proper knowledge of this thing.