Sunless Tanning Lotion

We all know that tanning indoors or outside can be dangerous and have negative effects on your skin. Thankfully, there are sunless tanning lotions. It used to be that most of the sunless tanners were not very popular of a choice because they all tended to leave skin orange and streaky.

Well, no more worries, because today there are more than ever sunless tanning products that look extremely natural. Here's how sunless tanners work. The active ingredient is typically dihydroxyacetone (DHA), which reacts with amino acids on the outermost top layer of skin to produce a tan color without the sun. Look for DHA on the label.

The key to getting a beautiful bronzed look is to find the right sunless tanning product that is best for your particular skin type. One might work great for someone else but may make someone else look orange. You should always try out the product on a small portion of skin and see how it looks before using it all over. Also, try not to use a new sunless tanner right before a big event. That's just asking for trouble.

There are different ways to get a sunless tan. You can go to a salon and get a spray tan done. They are a bit more expensive but usually worth the cash. Spray tans look very real, and you can go to any shade you want. If you have a big event coming up, this is the option to go for. It's a guarantee, not a trial and error situation. The people who do these spray tans are usually very well trained.

Most people who are going to go the sunless tanning route will do it themselves, which is great. You will definitely save some money that way. Lotions and sprays work the best. Before applying the product you should shower and exfoliate. Exfoliation is important to remove all the dead skin cells before applying a sunless tanner. Try to apply evenly and use caution in areas such as the knees and elbows, where you can get blotchy easily. Remember, this is like a trial and error. You have to find the sunless tanning product that works the best with your skin type.


  1. I can usually get a good tan during the summer, but that usually involves staying outside for several hours. It would be nice to get a good tan without having to go outside. I didn't realize that spray on tans were a thing. I should look into that. If spray on tans are a good way to get tan skin without damaging your skin, then it may be something that I should consider to have that summer tan all year round.

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