Tanning Bed Rash

There are risks that are associated with indoor tanning beds, one being a tanning bed rash. There are certain symptoms of a tanning bed rash that you may notice and this may include small, red pimples and blisters that appear on the skin, typically a few days after using the tanning bed.

You can develop a tanning bed rash which is similar to heat rash when you are in a tanning bed because your body gets very warm and irritated. A tanning bed rash can develop when using a tanning bed because of the intense heat generated from the strong tanning bed bulbs, often times within a small tanning room.

The most important thing to do is avoid getting a tanning bed rash to begin with, but since this is not always possible, you will want to be aware of the options that you have in terms of treatment for the tanning bed rash.
There are medicated creams on the market that you can use, and which will help to moisturize the skin and relieve the irritation of the tanning bed rash. If the rash is particularly bad, your doctor may suggest that you use prescription medication for a certain amount of time or that you go to a dermatologist for more severe treatment.
Keep in mind that your tanning bed rash actually may be caused from you taking a medication, so you will want to speak to your doctor and as well to the tanning salon owner to make sure that your medication is not going to cause any problems. Reactions that may occur include blistering or a painful skin rash and so if this does happen you should stop using tanning beds immediately until you have spoken to a doctor or at least until you are done taking your medicine. If it is a medicine that you are permanently taking you will have to find another option.but it is important that you do not continue to go tanning because you will only be making the tanning bed rash worse and this can end up causing you serious problems. Make sure that if you are going to go tanning you take all the necessary precautions and be aware of the dangers and risks associated with it.

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